How to Detail Microsuede, Ultrasuede, or Alcantara in your car? (Auto Detailing in XXI)

How to Detail Microsuede, Ultrasuede, or Alcantara in your car? (Auto Detailing in XXI)
How to Detail Microsuede, Ultrasuede, or Alcantara in your car? (Auto Detailing in XXI) (click images to enlarge)

How to Detail Microsuede, Ultrasuede, or Alcantara in your car? (Auto Detailing in XXI)

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Manufacturer Description

Very few people know what these materials are, what are they made of and how do they work, how to clean and maintain them. Most of them mistake them for natural leather because they mimic it so well. Because of this, they tend to frequently deteriorate them.
The materials are very elastic, resisting intense and prolonged mechanical stress. They also spectacularly reject dirt. It's easy to clean them of any stain, including pen and marker traces.
These are finishes that bring a unique touch, through harmony between warm and bright tones, smooth and elegant texture and through a combination between comfort and seduction. The materials have a relaxing feeling and an ability to achieve incredible detail.
These key values are what make every item covered with these materials instantly a luxury item: whether it's furniture, clothing or a car.
Regarding cars, their use has the consequences and characteristics of heavy traffic.
On relatively small surfaces, friction is very high (typical for narrow spaces), alternations of extreme temperatures are frequent and exposure to UV rays in sunlight (which accelerates fading) is prolonged. All strains from the environment are more frequent and at a higher intensity than elsewhere. Also, human sweat, paint from clothing and absolute special conditions that any trip requires, also bring new challenges.
Therefore, staining is more frequent, and another response of the material, which puts car owners in difficulty, is linting or pilling (making fluffy or frizzy mass of fiber).
When faced with these two problems, most motorists can't solve them.

Reading this study, however, you will learn:

• A trick learned from professionals in detailing, which helps you to distinguish genuine leather from any other material that is designed to mimic leather or resembles it by chance.
• 3 simple ways to maintenance for these finishes (daily, monthly and once a year), which allows you to enjoy them forever, expressing this way your refinement, social status and sensitivity to the environment.
• 6 forbidden actions, that you must not, or allow others to do, with this kind of finishes in your car.
• 2 tools, which together don't cost more than 15 €/$19,00, but give you the opportunity to maintain these materials in your car like a pro and which you can find on the supermarket shelf. Find out where and how I bought them and how much they cost.
• Even if you do not immediately find the two professional tools at your supermarket, I will reveal one substitute for each of them and “guerrilla” ways of usage.
• 7 types of common stains and household cleaning solutions, available to everyone, for their removal.
• Why do car owners are wary of these luxury finishes and what to do so you won't be amongst them, and even more: to have an advantage by safely using a rare material, while others are punished by their own ignorance.
• The straight “quirky” and unfair advantages, of which only “players in Premier League” benefit, the stylish and sophisticated connoisseurs of a refined sensory, aesthetic and functional combination that Microsuede, Alcantara or Ultrasuede offers during their daily use, improving the quality of their lifestyles. To all these subtleties is added the respect for environmental values.
• What car dealers, car wash operators and 99% of all motorists don't know: the actual composition of these innovative materials and the professional manner - but available to everyone! - of cleaning and maintaining them.
• Less known testimonials about Alcantara or Ultrasuede, revealed by those who used them in their house and car, for many years, enjoying the qualities and benefits of a not so popular luxury material.
• Original procedures of detailing professionals that they use every time they have to work with areas covered with ultra-microfiber plush. That raises the price of such a service by at least 10-15%, due to the importance of a correct execution of the luxury finish (so often ignored by common detailers).

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