Exterior Care

Exterior Care

With the right tools and products it is possible to keep your car in pristine condition regardless of how long you have had the car, whether the conditions are extremely cold or extremely hot, how often and how far you have driven the car, or any other factors.

Most people allow their vehicles to deteriorate but the secret to keeping a car in near-new condition is to make sure you wash your car regularly, apply a wax coating occassionally, attend to minor minor scratches and chips quickly and indulging in some rust proofing will certainly help if road salt is commonly used where you reside during winter months.

Finishing - Keeping your car in good condition is just the first stage, if you want to stand out from the run-of-the-mill crowd and have a truly sparkling finish to your vehicle you will need to invest some time and money in finishing products to really bring out the shine in your car.

Glass Care - don't want a streaky window, a window with oily smudges, cloudy glass and so on? You need some top-of-the-range glass care products to keep your glass as clean and blemish-free as the rest of your car body-work.

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