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Your car windscreen is essential for your car’s safety. It is not just a piece of glass at the front of your car, it is part of your car’s structure and is essential for your safety. In modern day vehicles, the windscreen is part of the safety restraint system, along with your seatbelt and airbag. If it is damaged, then your safety as the driver could be compromised. This is because it is designed to keep the occupants inside the vehicle during a crash, as 30% of fatalities occur when occupants are ejected from the vehicle. The windscreen also contributes to the overall strength of the vehicle.

The visibility for the driver is equally important as this is a major cause of vehicle accidents today. It is essential to have a clear view of the road in front of you when you are driving.

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Here are some tips on how to keep your windscreen safe when driving:

Keep it clean – making sure that your windscreen is clean on the inside and out is important for visibility. This is especially when the sun is low. Due to condensation, a film can develop on the inside of the windscreen, this is made worse if the occupants smoke. Driving in wet or dusty conditions can lead to a dirt build up on the outside of the windscreen. So wash your car regularly and use glass cleaner inside. Also, use good quality screen wash and keep it topped up.

Use a reputable windscreen replacement company – When it comes to windscreen replacement, use a reputable firm like AD Windscreen Services. We will ensure that the windscreen is fitted securely and to a high standard. Remember, the windscreen is an important structural component of the car so it is important that it is fitted safely.

Chips and cracks – Not only do these cause a distraction to the driver, but they can lead to more serious structural problems for the car. They can also cause your car to fail its MOT. Check to see if your are in need of a windscreen replacement and do not ignore the signs.

Wiper blades – Over time, the rubber in your wiper blades will deteriorate. This means that they will not do an adequate job of cleaning your windscreen and lead to poor visibility. If your wipers make a noise or leave rain behind, it is time for replacement.

Tinted Windows – It can be very popular to have tinted windows on your car and you may be tempted to put a film on your windscreen to give the tinted effect. This can be potentially dangerous as it limits visibility due to the amount of light it lets through. It is a legal requirement that your front windscreen lets 75% of the light through. Any less and you are breaking the law and could receive a hefty fine. For more information, visit this website.

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